Not a micropoem 19


Responsibility: a fairy tale

The blind, mad Oracle is everything I want to be. She’s alone, eats pine nuts from the comb and snatches yellow jackets out of the air like an orb spider. Her lips love poison and she cannot die because she is already dead. Her heart does not beat and she feels nothing she does not wish to. She gets to sit in her dappled, secluded grove, where there is always good weather and relax all day until someone like me comes along. Then and only then does she have to work, only then does she have to sift through the sparking grains of the void to find where the enemy lives. It’s me what has to go and kill it.


I’m thinking about expanding my micro poem a day thing to micro fiction and poetry. Just so I can keep myself entertained.

Micropoem 17


Winter yearning

Summer burning

Spring returning

Autumn stirring

Winter starving

Summer hunting

Spring planting

Autumn yearning

Winter burning

Summer returning

Spring stirring

Autumn starving

Winter hunting

Summer planting

Spring yearning

(Seasonal round)


Note: it’s a first draft and I’m not good with rhyming so don’t hate me 😂