You know that junk drawer in your kitchen, the one packed with bread bag ties and rubber bands and the wine cork too pretty to toss? Thatโ€™s the Under-Ath.

A Commonplace Book

Infinite ash fluttered down like snow from a dim gray sky without any sun or stars. Knee-deep trash blanketed the trees and buildings like gentle kudzu heaps. The Great Athens Garbage Patch.

Rachael K. Jones, Every River Runs to Salt, 2018

Every River Runs to Salt, Rachael K. Jones, 2018

A Commonplace Book

If I didn’t already know Imani’s story about the family glacier, I probably would have laughed in her face. But I could see how a part-glacier woman cursed with yearning might feel something like love for an ocean. How something in her nature would look into the waves and find the shape of a soulmate. It gave me a sick squirmy feeling in the pit of my stomach I couldn’t name.