NaNo 2018 Day 15

Word count: 299 (Hell yeah!)

Project: Book of Revelations (a Slaughter Chronicles novella/side project)

Goals achieved/Notes: not a damn thing other than I wrote something which is better than nothing even if that something is not on my list of current projects but something completely different.

Total word count: 20,858.

This weekend I want to write at least 8,000 words to catch up and maybe get ahead. Wish me luck 🙂

NaNo 2018 Day 12, 13, 14

I wrote like 918 words on day 12.

I wrote ZERO words on day 13 and I didn’t feel bad at all because I was watching standup comedy and I had a beer.

Today’s word count: 1081

Projects: All of the Echoes


I also did a group word sprint on the nanowrimo site. Writing for an hour when you’re trying to write for an hour is hard.

I did not make my word count goal today or catch myself up to where I am “supposed” to be if I consistently made my word count but that’s okay BECAUSE 1) progress is happening and 2) I’m falling in love with my characters again!

I haven’t hated my characters at all but I haven’t been super excited to see them on the page in a long time.

And I can catch up, do all the catching up, this weekend.


NaNo 2018 Day 11

Word count: 4467 (Yes, I had a major brain wave today!)

Projects: All of the Echoes, a short story companion to Havoc’s Moon

Goals achieved/notes: I’m happy but I can’t make any coherent words to describe why. I haven’t had this good a day, meaning, all the words are good (for a first draft) and none of them were “I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to write,” written over and over again.

I hope y’all had a great day too!

Total word count: 18536


NaNo 2018 Day 10

Word count: 2048

Project: All of the Echoes

Goals achieved/notes: I worked on a lot of structuring today, dividing what I had written over the last 10 days and organizing chapters out of all that mess. Also putting more flesh on those pieces to plug holes and make things make more sense. I confess I did do some editing and re-reading before I started writing the new words today but since this project has taken a massive direction shift I really needed to re-read and refresh myself so I could keep moving forward. I have to say that now that I made this project shift I am WAY more excited about my characters than I have been in a long time and the elements of the project that were the sequel to Past Life are really shaping up well. Even though I’m still behind on my word count I’m not too discouraged, only a little but not as much as I thought I would be. Because I’ve seriously been discouraged about not meeting my word count before.

I managed to write over 2000 words today and my goal is to write at least 3000 tomorrow so I can try to catch up. I think on day 15 we are supposed to have 25,000 words. Right now my total word count is:



NaNo 2018 Day 8, 9

(Day 8) Word count: 1300 something

Project: All of the Echoes

Goals achieved/notes: I realize I totally forgot to post all of my brain discoveries and word count yesterday. I didn’t do the dishes either. But I bought a new phone case and a new iPad case. And I discovered my cats have fleas. So there you go.

(Day 9, today): Word count: 816

Project: All of the Echoes (formerly known as The Morning Star)

Goals achieved/notes: did not reach my word count because I had to deal with the fleas.

Total word count: 12,021

I have a lot of catching up to do.