Demon Moon is LIVE!

Fiction, NEWS

The year is 2003 and Caleb Grimmet, high school senior and football superstar, is going to make all his dreams come true. Or so he thinks. All he has to do is catch and  tame a demon.

When Caleb and his friends gather together to open up the abyss, they learn a painful lesson: dreams don’t always manifest the way you want them to. 

And the abyss, once looked into, does more than look back out at you.

Disclaimer: This story contains mature language, mild sexual situations and detailed descriptions of violence and gore. Reader discretion is advised.


Lupercalia, Poetry

Poverty sits in the center

of her cage, claws scratch

and kneed

the barren concrete.

Her tail twitches pensively.

Her eyes are the moldy green

of a half starved cat

and her teeth are as crooked

as the banker’s. Feathers

rustle down her spine,

vibrant spears in the humid air in

like stray sparks of anti-matter.

She moves toward the bars and

like a wolf, lays her ears back

against her bald skull.

She does not growl.

She does not hiss.

She purrs with profound contentment.

It is the contentment of continual existence

in a cage. Or on a deserted beach.

Or with a grand audience. Or

meager laughter. With

a simple calculation she nods her head

in my direction and I want to eat her.