Poetry Audiobook

Public Service Announcement: a few of my favorite poems from Lupercalia are now on audio!

This audiobook is available for FREE download on Bandcamp.

There is an option to pay what you want if you’d like to toss a dollar my way but only if you really, really want to. I want you to have my poems more than I want you to pay me for them.

The tracks themselves are decent but they are not digitally mastered or made with any kind of professional recording equipment. I always try to put out the best possible product but right now I can’t afford a microphone or rent a sound booth so don’t judge too hard.

I tried to keep the cat and traffic noises to a minimum.

After I finished recording my poems we had a French drain dug in our back yard and replaced one of the walls in our den so there was too much construction noise to record anything else but there will be audio versions of a few of my short stories coming soon.


1. Lupercalia

2. How to Build a Nest

3. Wife of Lot

4. Mermaid Songbook: A Boat Alone

5. Mermaid Songbook: The Witch’s Song

6. Mermaid Songbook: Dead Mermaid Singing

7. Mermaid Songbook: Redemption

8. Little Girls

9. Wormwood

10. After the Flood

11. Orpheus

12. Twisted Myth

13. Mirror Angels

14. Home

15. Things Tourists Love

Wander through the nameless city full of rebellion, desire, and viciousness. Jessica Halsey’s Lupercalia guides readers through the ruins of stories as they smash against reality. 

The city is born, slippery and feral, and then it grows, collects and rejects a multitude of denizens that break and reshape the boundaries of mythology. 

These speculative and fantastical poems represent the search for identity and purpose in a world that challenges the endurance of the human spirit. From the fall of Icarus to the loneliness of abandon, these poems represent how every mythological hero and trial are reflections of our daily lives.


Mermaid’s Songbook

1. A Boat Alone*

phosphorous moon


a boat



of eyes and


dancing with

the horizon

the horizon


dancing with


singing of

eyes like

phosphorous moons

over a

boat alone

2. The Witch’s Song

love is spinning in the deep

mine is mine and

music is music

if you’re wishing for escape

love is love and

knives are knives

love is waiting far away

a song is a song and

sweet is sweet

if you wish for what you aren’t

love is love and

yours is yours

love is love


hate is hate


love is love again

come and see what I’m selling

mine is mine and

music is music

all the wishes you could wish

love is love and

knives are knives

when you regret, regret with your heart

a song is a song and

sweet is sweet

the tide will carry you home

love is love and

yours is yours

love is love


hate is hate


love is love


3. Dead Mermaid Singing

I can’t give you lapis less I open

a vein and rupture my organs in

just the right way

staining my blood

in a shade that will say:

“I love you more than that hand that gave you your lapis.”

I can’t give you sunset staining a canvas less I open

a vein and clot my obsessions,

fall into dusk

with a gesture that screams:

“I love you more than that hand that painted your sunset.”

When the waves call me back

to dance in the foam

you’ll never know how much

I hate my home.

I can’t give you music less I tear

out my throat and fling all my chords

to the sky-loving storm

to play on her way to crash down your door.

She’s the only one who knows

I do love you more.

The princess is so pretty,

her demeanor is divine

but her love will break in the shadow of mine.

When the waves call me back

to dance in the foam

I would open my veins and my throat

on your shore ever

singing ever singing:

“I do love you more.”

4. Redemption*

the grave sea

breaks and tears

the burning


of all that

has passed,


your fragile



These poem first appeared in Lupercalia.

Photo source: Waterhouse

A Boat Alone: Found poem. Source: Aquí te amo by Pablo Neruda.

Redemption: Found poem. Source: Las víejas del oceano by Pablo Neruda.