Books Read February 2019

Books Finished

Giovanni’s Room: James Baldwin

Binti: The Night Masquerade: Nnedi Okorafor

Relic of the Mad Poet: A Journey to the Tree Of Sorrows Story: E. H. Robinson

Battle Angel Alita Vol. 6: Yukito Kishiro (re-read)

Battle Angel Alita Vol. 7: Yukito Kishiro (re-read)

Battle Angel Alita Vol. 8: Yukito Kishiro (re-read)

Battle Angel Alita Vol. 9: Yukito Kishiro (re-read)

Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicle Vol. 2: Yukito Kishiro

Berserk Vol. 2: Kentaro Miura

Still Working

Arthurian Book of Days: Caitlin and John Matthews

The Laughing Corpse: Laurell K. Hamilton

King Arthur: Christopher Hibbert

Parable of the Sower: Octavia Butler

Goblin Slayer Vol. 3: Kumo Kagyu

Books Started

Strength to Let Go: Tales of the Werewolf Tribes Book One: Alina Popescu

Runes for Beginners: A Guide to Reading Runes In Divination, Rune Magic, and the Meaning of the Elder Futhark Runes: Lisa Chamberlain



Giovanni’s Room

Parable of the Sower


I didn’t get a lot of reading done this month for the same reasons I didn’t get a lot of writing done. I spent 2 weeks doing nothing but home repairs. I fucking hate home repair/improvement, whatever you want to call it. Painting, plumbing, electricity. All the small trees cut down in the back yard. I am DONE with home stuff. Just let me do the dishes and leave me alone!

See these pliers? They’ve seen some shit. We are battle buddies. These pliers are my best friend now. If there’s a fire, I am grabbing them before I grab my cats. That is how much they mean to me now.