The fake ones eat the bones and gristle of cats to see the future. They drink the blood of rattlesnakes and wear sharks’ teeth in their long, flowing hair. The real ones hide in caves, hang their dead in cages, suck the fallen vertebra (when the backbone falls like a clump of grapes) and the […]

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morning, we woke up and you performed another extraordinary miracle: wings split the paper thin skin taped across your shoulder blades, your wet spine glistened through jauntily angled prisms thatched to your ribcage with flayed nerves and slippery veins, as you flew around the room you said: “No. That’s not how it happened.” I woke […]

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After the Flood

While Noah’s sighs polluted the ruddy beach littered with the bones of heretics, their livestock and their predators; while he thanked God for the early warning, the strong timber, and exclusion from the slaughtered multitude his women walked around him like he was just another corpse, bobbing like spring flowers in a sunny breeze, rooting […]

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