She is an open jewelry box singing, a wasp flutter harmonizes with sibilance against the garishness of that tree’s TOUCH ME AND DIE! One eye is the fractured blue of an abalone shell, the other cormorant shine stopped dead, wings helpless against her temple. The alabaster lid of her skin splits like a poached egg, […]

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A monstrous smile moves in the wildness; you said: get the quick victory. Take me on faith. Lost people remember the fire, the starlight, the luminous morning moving in the darkness. You keep talking; you Need me doing like I’m told. I didn’t really think of the subway, music like red fire, the world looking […]

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Hotel Magic

pelvic bone demolition painkiller hotel and hunger cold coffee the shattered lover intoxicated vertebrae tangled in the Delta transformation night sky- dive THE MAJESTIC HOTEL BURNED FOR NEARLY 48 HOURS Big Dipper spiraling catastrophe *Found poem. Source: The New York Times, April 2014.

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