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Echo L—is up to her eyeballs in unpaid bills and, as a daughter of political activists caught on the wrong side of history, can’t get a job or government assistance. She’s willing to pay any price, even her life is fair game and that’s exactly what CryoCredit wants. CryoCredit can answer all of your financial prayers, for a price. 75 years in a deep freeze sleep cycle will pay off all of Echo’s debt. CryoCredit promises that when she wakes up, all the resources she would have used when she was asleep will pay off everything she owes. What they don’t promise is a world for her to wake up to.

While Echo slept a vicious plague swept across the world, it decimated continents and turned humans into ravenous, rage filled monsters. Some of the survivors strive for hope and improving humanity. Others want nothing more than to return to the oppressive world Echo abandoned for a clean financial slate.

When she is found by the citizens of a peaceful settlement in the ruins of her home town, Echo must choose to fight along side them for a better future or side with those who want to return to the past.

How far would you go to save the world?

The citizens of Ashur are survivors. Their founders survived The Blight and created a sustainable paradise amidst their warmongering neighbors. When a scouting party finds a Past Life, someone from the old world preserved in time by technology that no longer exists, some are suspicious, some are skeptical, and most hold little trust in the sins of the past.

When the Administrative Body of Ashur give Echo a home, she must agree to certain conditions. Firstly, become a productive member of the settlement by integrating completely into their society. This means participating in the Coupling Ritual, a ceremony that joins all able bodied citizens into reproductive union for the sake of humanity’s continuation on the planet. The last thing Echo wants to do is die in the wasteland. The second to last thing she wants to do is get married.

What Echo does want is a purpose. In the old world she was worse than a rebel without a cause, she was a passive resister, fueled by fear after her father was killed by police at a political protest and daunted by the godlike fortitude of her mother’s quest for social justice, until she was also killed. When Echo discovers a plot to destroy all the good Ashur stands for, Echo must choose to finally fight for what she believes in or roll over and let all the evils of humanity consume her.


An urban fantasy published as a serial here on this blog and Wattpad.

Once upon a time a heart broke in two. This heart was not an ordinary heart and when the pieces flew apart the world died. One piece, the Bright Jewel Named Fire, scarred the land with flame and plague. The other piece, the Black Stone, sat cold and alone in the darkness of the void, begging to be found.

Here is a half-harpy, half-human changeling vagabond with a story to tell, a story of loss, betrayal, and death. A story that haunts his dreams and turns his world into a waking nightmare. Away is a cait sidhe, cat faerie, with his own troubled past, inner demons, and deep desires. He is also the only creature in the universe willing to listen to Here’s story.

What lurks there in the shadows among the trees?

Once upon a time two brothers survived the apocalypse. Spider and Fly live in the ruined world of Here’s story. Spider always laughed at the rumors of the Black Stone and locked away his deepest dreams in order to survive the devastation wrought by the Bright Jewel Named Fire. But his brother wants to save the world. Fly has heard the rumors too and he believes in them with all his heart. With his reluctant brother in tow, Fly is determined to find the Black Stone and set all the wrong things right again. Success means resurrecting everything they have held dear and lost, failure means paying the ultimate price.

Follow the curve in the road and you will come to The Rose Motel. Beyond and away, in the deep and the dark, waits a kaleidoscopic reality seldom seen wandering in the sunlight. Venture off the beaten path into unexplored territories where evil enjoys both wholesome and unsavory forms, where happy endings are fought for or—more often than not—stolen, and the nightmares lurking in the shadows will give you more than fear or pain.

As Here’s story unfolds, mysterious forces turn the peaceful woodland surrounding The Rose Motel into a desiccated wasteland. With the help of a few unexpected friends, Here and Away may triumph—as good things always should—over evil.

Deep in the shadows, the Heart of the Forest waits to be put back together.

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