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I am always down for making new friends and getting into discussions about writing and cats and pretty much everything else (as long as you aren’t snotty about it) but I also have a full-time job, technically two full-time jobs, and if it takes me a while to get back to you please don’t think I’m ignoring you, I just have a shit ton to do and writing and earning money for cat treats takes priority. Otherwise, I get mauled by an angry Russian Blue.

All the opinions and perspectives published here are mine, I take responsibility for them. What works for me might not work for you, that does not mean that my process is better than yours, it doesn’t mean that the way you do things is “wrong.” If you have a writing process or an opinion that is different from mine, please share it with me, I love being exposed to different perspectives. But if you’re snotty about it I will delete your comment. Fair?

And, lastly, a content disclaimer: the content on this site contains mature language and mature themes (mental disorders, death, graphic violence, mature language, and maybe even adult sexual situations if I ever get around to writing that erotica I’ve always wanted to).

I do not support violence or abuse of any kind on any thing, person, animal, organic, inorganic, sentient, artificial, any thing. If you are seriously triggered by any of the items in the list below my work may not be for you.

Side effects of reading my work include:

Emotions and empathy

Possible visceral reactions

Content warnings:

Strong female leads

Positive male role models

Overcoming adversity

Healthy relationships

Unhealthy relationships (and the wisdom to know the difference)


Cultural appreciation


Supernatural creatures


Weird poetry

Strong language





Body transformation


Child death

Adult death


Sexism/gender discrimination

Disregard for personal autonomy

Rape/sexual assault

Drug use


Animal cruelty/death (and I want to repeat: I really, really, REALLY do not support animal cruelty. But it happens and it’s terrible and the only way I can cope/stay out of jail is to write about it.)