snapdragon kiss

spring returns


Note: I loved planting snapdragons and daffodils with my mom when I was a kid. Now I leave all the gardening to her because I kill every plant I touch now. (Except for that one bougainvillea that might be a mutant or an alien.)

Note x2: getting these poems out later than I wanted to this week because I am finishing up my draft of Moon Shine! Next month it gets edited and then released in May. I can’t believe I’m still on schedule.

Winter yearning

Summer burning

Spring returning

Autumn stirring

Winter starving

Summer hunting

Spring planting

Autumn yearning

Winter burning

Summer returning

Spring stirring

Autumn starving

Winter hunting

Summer planting

Spring yearning

(Seasonal round)


Note: it’s a first draft and I’m not good with rhyming so don’t hate me 😂