Nano 2018 Day 24

Word count: 2862 Projects: Havoc’s Moon (and two companion novellas to the series) Goals achieved/notes: got a lot of side characters and more of my antagonist fleshed out. Progress is happening but the scene that I wanted to tackle today remains unfinished. There’s always tomorrow. Total word count: 34,928

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Nano 2018 Day 23

So I took a couple days off. I needed some serious recovery time, not from the holiday, but from life. So I binge watched Netflix and indulged in napping. But yesterday and today I’ve made tremendous progress and I may very well reach 50,000 by the end of the month. Word count: 2,270 Projects: Havoc’s […]

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NaNo 2018 Day 15

Word count: 299 (Hell yeah!) Project: Book of Revelations (a Slaughter Chronicles novella/side project) Goals achieved/Notes: not a damn thing other than I wrote something which is better than nothing even if that something is not on my list of current projects but something completely different. Total word count: 20,858. This weekend I want to […]

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