Ulysses the Cat

Stretched in the sunlight crowning Calypso’s shore the big cat dozed, small blue crabs drown in a capsized silver urn, cream filled and slopping beside him. Why long for plump tuna steak and cheesecake crumbs when Apollo scratches behind your ears and no storm clouds threaten tender olive saplings with shaking? That rural, stone hearth […]

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She Goes Away

Mothers who love their children take them along.—Maxine Hong Kingston, Woman Warrior When my mother goes away she visits men in cages; she has always known the words: revolutionary, dissident, are synonymous depending on who locks the gate. When my mother goes away she takes me with her sometimes and we walk along the causeway, […]

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Take the splintered memory of your father beating you from between your mother’s clenched teeth. If you can still hear his voice, go west. You will come to a ditch cradling a dead cat. If his neck is twisted, proceed north. If his belly is split open like a rotten orange under a motorcycle wheel, […]

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Opossum Song

for sooj run with the night hide from the light stitch to the dark run to the mark in the road where we snare the beloved, the tangled departed with our bright, sharp teeth with our bright, sharp teeth we dig through the ground find what is found eat the beloved, the tangled departed then […]

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