Just Another Day

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Me: (making a cup of green tea after 2 cups of coffee) I’ve already written 1000 words this morning and committed a heinous act of violence!

Mom: (not looking up from her newspaper) Well, easy come, easy go.

Let me know if you have family and friends who are not impressed when you tell them one of your characters has murdered another because it’s just another day at the office for them.

Long Distance Relationships

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(ALERT: this blog post contains extreme gushing and objectification of my significant other. Because I’m obsessed. With my significant other. As is normal (if you’re not obsessed with your significant other, what is wrong with you?) It gets really cheesy and lovey-dovey here. You have been warned.)

Quitting Smoking Update

Everyday Life

I have successfully not cheated! I have existed for 41 days without a cigarette!

After my first post about quitting smoking, I cheated several times and ultimately fell off the quit wagon. But!

Sept. 7 Mr. J went away for a week and I resumed my quest for a nicotine free lifestyle. After quitting and starting multiple times in my life I can say with extreme certainty that for me to quit and stay quit, I need to spend the first seven days of withdrawal hell ALONE.

By myself, with no one to see me (except my cats) go crazy and be miserable, I was able to relax and suffer in peace and quiet. It was actually quite nice.

I wish I could smoke cigarettes for the rest of my life but I would run out of money and lungs so I guess this is the next best thing.