I love two dogs, even when they’re killing / a baby possum near the columbines, / shaking the varmint / until the death squeal chokes to a gargle,

A Commonplace Book

Alan Michael Parker, “When I Am a Hummingbird”

This stanza and the the last of this poem are why I write. Absolutely beautiful.

…and I will dive into the meat

of the possum

and beat there,

the mean, bloody thing alive again.

More Wonderful, Brilliant Uses of the Semi-Colon

A Commonplace Book

“That was how it began, that was all it meant to me; I am not sure now, in spite of everything, that it ever really meant more than that to me.”

“I scarcely remember her at all, yet she figured in my nightmares, blind with worms, her hair as dry as metal and brittle as a twig, straining to press me against her body; that body so putrescent, so sickening soft, that it opened, as I clawed and cried, into a breach so enormous as to swallow me alive.”

Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin, 1958