I write books. They are free. I love writing books and giving them to people.

Here you go. Have a book. Seriously, take it. It’s free 🙂

Professional BIO for professionals and whatever.

Jessica Halsey was born in Arkansas and lives in the marshlands of the American South writing poetry and odd fiction. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and a BA in Sociology from Randolph College. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011. She has self-published two poetry collections and a day job where she pokes people with needles.


Namaste Apocalypse: March 2018

The Echo of Something Hitting: April 2018

Lupercalia: April 2018

The Slaughter Chronicles

Dead Girl Moon: 2018/2019

Havoc’s Moon: 2019

Book of Revelations: 2019/2020

Exile’s Moon: 2020

Berserker Moon: 2020

The Heart of the Forest Cycle

Here and Away: 2019

Morning and Evening: 2020

Always and Never: 2021

Other Projects

All of the Echoes: 2019

Another poetry collection: 2020

Patient Zero: 2020

Altar: 2021


Swallowing Comets: 2011 Folded Word Press

Don’t–My Birthday: 2012 Unthinkable Creatures Chapbook Press

Graveyard: 2016 self-published

Riverkill: 2016 self-published

Twisted Myths: 2016 self-published

Past Life: 2018 self-published