2019 Writing Goals

As the new year rolls around I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to spend all of my 2019 future time. I don’t know what this year is going to be. Happy, sad, vicious, exhausting. Lonely? Definitely. But determined and pernicious also.

So, here’s a tentative list of all the writing projects I want to complete and publish before this same time next year:

Havoc’s Moon (Slaughter Chronicles Book 1): paranormal horror

Resonance: stand alone sci-fi novel

Here and Away (The Heart of the Forest Cycle Book 1): urban fantasy

2 Slaughter Chronicles short stories

Another Slaughter Chronicles novella

So that’s 6 things. I have never completed 6 works in progress before. I’ve already got one of the short stories done, more on that later, so really I only have 5 but still, I am being extremely ambitious right now.

I also want to write more poems. Even though I revamped my two poetry collections last year, I have only written like maybe 4 new poems since 2016. I need to fix that.

But the biggest thing that I want to do is change who I am as a writer–not change my writing style or anything–I want to be a bigger, badder writer. I want to be a braver, more fearless writer. I want to make writing a happy thing.

Right now, whenever I sit down to write, all the negative thoughts–

This is shit

No one will like this

You’re doing it wrong

–can’t leave me alone and sometimes I don’t have the strength to push them away.

I want to be a stronger writer.

I also want to win camp nanowrimo this year. And nanowrimo again in November.

That’s it, simple right?

Let’s make it happen.


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Jessica Halsey is the author of The Slaughter Chronicles and many strange poems. She lives in Arkansas and writes urban fantasy, preternatural horror, and experimental poetry (and sometimes science fiction).

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