NaNo 2018 Day 5

Word count: 1347 (I’m tired and need to take a shower and can’t write anymore)

Projects: The Morning Star

Goals achieved/notes: Just wanted to complete my word count today and work on The Morning Star. I worked on The Morning Star. I got home from work and had dinner. I watched Mr. J scroll through netflix and amazon prime before we settled on watching the first episode of Girls’ Last Tour (which I had already seen) then he went to bed and I watched a documentary on Scottish Wildcats with all the intentions of writing. I have admitted to myself that movies and tv are treats that should be indulged sparingly. I watched zero tv over the weekend and made more progress because of it. I didn’t do too bad today but I don’t want to let myself slip. If you count this post and the one from this morning I technically met my word count today but my blog is not my fiction and so it has to stay separate. More tomorrow.

I feel like I should make a list of encouraging but depressing mantras/slogans. “More tomorrow” sounds really dreary right now. Maybe I should check out that tough love forum on the nano website.


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Jessica Halsey lives in Arkansas and is working toward earning a degree in Laboratory Science while she writes a horror series about werewolves, an urban fantasy series about fairies, and many strange poems. She loves birdwatching and performing venipuncture. Her house words are, “Is there blood on the floor?”

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