Excerpt 1 from Nanowrimo 2018

Fiction, NaNoWriMo

Uncut, unedited word vomit from Nanowrimo 2018 Day 1!

Eerie. Effervescent. Rank. Imperceptible. E. E. Something else that starts with E. That about sums up the forest. It’s eerie. Especially in November when Raspberry mountain is showered with sleet. The sky is grey. The ground is grey. The ice coming out of the sky and cutting into the ground like tiny little death daggers is also grey.

I hoped Bunny was okay. Bunny didn’t do well in weird weather. Unfortunately, the weather in Arkansas was always weird. It could change from sunny to storming to LOOK OUT THERE’S A TORNADO before lunchtime. And the sun set increadibly early this time of year so it was also dark. It was a dark dusk pelted with ice and cold rain.

Cold rain that vaguely smelled like paper mill chemicals and electricity. And blood. Something under the human pollution smelled like the wet, rich heat of a ruptured liver. I didn’t know that rain could smell wetter than normal, cool how life works sometimes.

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