NaNoWriMo (2018): Book Synopsis(es)


Instead of working on 1 project I’m going to work on 3. Because 2 of them are small and near completion and the other NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON. So I’m trying to kill 3 birds with 1 stone this year.

Havoc’s Moon

I had a synopsis for this book but then I decided to change the plot. At this point I have no idea where it’s going to go and I kinda like that.

Havoc’s Moon is the first book in The Slaughter Chronicles (of which I have outlined like 10 books…yeah…) and Regina is my half-feral werewolf protagonist. She is feral and tender and slightly out of sync with reality. Her best friend is a ghost girl who lives inside her head and her pet looks very much like a cross between a jellyfish and a blender. She’s made it her mission to keep everyone in her pack safe from all the bad things.

This was the manuscript that I worked on all last year and then January 2018 my computer died and I lost 90% of my draft. I put Regina’s story away and worked on my poetry and Past Life as a way to assuage the HURT. That computer death, that manuscript loss really made me HURT.


But something really good did come out of that experience because I had to start over and I’m making something better than it was before. Some of my characters are still elusive but I’m hoping to start working towards completing this draft.


The year is 1195 and the world is shrouded in darkness and chaos. The knights of the Holy Order of The Only God are all that keep the monsters from destroying the last strongholds of humankind. The Midnight Keep is the northernmost fortress and, isolated from the rest of the kingdom by treacherous forests, is most vulnerable to attack. The Cunning Ones are tricky, vicious; worshipers of the old gods, they call themselves Vedema and they are to be destroyed on sight.

Zofia doesn’t think of herself as a monster but she is one, half-human and half-firebird, the product of a ceremonial union between the children of the forest (who still honor the old gods and their sacred land) and sky and fire made flesh. Though she does not have her mother’s wings or blazing feathers, her eyes betray her as a godless creature, a Vedema halfbreed. At best, outcast and shunned by humans, at worst, a pest that needs killing. But Zofia is extremely hard to kill.

After the Holy Order destroys her family’s sacred forest and home, Zofia, the only survivor, makes her way Eastward across the kingdom where there may be lands yet untouched by The Only God. But while her destination might seem easy enough, the journey itself is not. A desperate venture into the map smudge village of Reaching Hands for food and supplies finds Zofia in the custody of the Midnight Keep’s Watch.

Lord Halvar Brand is not just any knight. He is a Lord Paladin, a scourge of evil, a bringer of vengeance and death. Feared by Vedema and humans alike, the Holy Paladins patrol the edges of the known world. Lord Brand has sworn an oath to destroy all of the Cunning Ones and their gods before they can destroy humankind; an oath that demands he be steadfast, pure, and merciless in the face of evil.

But things are not always what they seem. That goes for everyone, even monsters and Holy Knights. One night in the Midnight Keep, something happens that even the holy, incorruptible Lord Paladin cannot stop: his own desires, his corruption.

This story probably needs another 10,000 words and then it’s done. I’ve come up with a lot of world building and a lot of history that may or may not show up. This might turn into a series, it might not, I haven’t decided yet.

The Morning Star

I don’t have a synopsis for this one yet either but I do know it’s the sequel to Past Life. The cliffhanger ending is explained and (hopefully) all the plot holes will be filled.

There’s a space ship in it.

And an inter dimensional-intergalactic travel agency. For really rich people.


What are y’all working on this year?


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