NEW PROJECT: Cover Reveal and Micro Blurb

She pretends today is a day where Tiffany is up with the doctor, which she is, only she’s not alive. Those days are boring because there’s no one else to talk to once she tells Nathaniel NO. He doesn’t take it personally but he always loses interest after that. She pretends Tiffany isn’t dead, she pretends the last four days haven’t happened and she never heard her retching into her toilet or cry between mouthfuls of bile. She pretends she doesn’t know what Tiffany’s fear smells like or what her blood smells like.

She sits on her cot and pretends the bullet hole above her is the eye piece of a telescope and the ceiling is the sky of a strange, alien planet with a dozen moons. The Exile’s Moon isn’t alone or exiled anymore and her sisters, Ghost Moon–where she imagines Daddy and Tiffany live now–and Havoc’s Moon, the patron saint of troublemakers and prisoners, is always full to bursting.

So I’m working on a new thing. A new thing that isn’t so new, a story that I started in 2015 when I started dating my husband. We both love stories, we both love stories about anything monstrous and supernatural. He has whole universes of frightening and amazing characters running around setting things on fire in his brain and he was kind enough to let me play with some of them. His imaginary friends and my imaginary friends get along really well.

Regina Slaughter is a werewolf. She’s 23 years old and is–I use this term loosely–the Resident Assistant of an apartment building that her adopted father and Alpha of the Iron Wolves converted into a sanctuary for all the supernatural beasties who want to enjoy the perks of the human world, like free wi-fi and 24 hour pizza delivery, without risk of being eaten by larger predators or those members of the human race who have taken up the mantle of Hunter. Hunters kill everything that is not human without remorse or mercy.

Ever since Regina was rescued from a prison/laboratory and the Hunters who imprisoned her, she has cared for and defended her new family of wolves and any wayward soul who happens to stumble into The Bramble Tower. So when the pack Beta, her adopted uncle, is found murdered, Regina will do anything to bring his killer to justice.

Havoc’s Moon is the first book in The Slaughter Chronicles (of which I have outlined like 10 books…yeah…) and Regina is my half-feral protagonist. She is fierce and tender and slightly out of sync with reality. Her best friend is a ghost girl who lives inside her head and her pet dog looks very much like a cross between a starfish and a blender.

I’m tentatively planning to self-publish this book on Halloween this year. Usually cover reveals only happen one or two months before the official release date. (I wanted to do a marketing plan or schedule but I have no idea how to advertise or market my stuff.) But I want to share this now because I want to. I want to share my progress and my writing plans with you. Also, if I tell you that I’m going to do something I have a better chance of doing it.

Also, as the book grows into a full fledged novel (omg yes an actual novel) I want to release the prologue early, on Instafreebie, as a promotional goodie for all of you. The prologue is Regina’s backstory and I think you all would really enjoy it.

Stay posted for updates on that release.

I’m really excited to share Regina’s story with the world and I am so happy that I have the technical skills to self-publish, so all you have to wait on is me finishing the book 🙂

This amazing book cover was designed by Robin Vuchnick at I’ve had an absolute blast working with her on this first cover and wolf art for this series. I have her slated to design the covers for books two and three as well. I’m seriously over the moon about her work and if you are looking for someone to design your book cover you should seriously consider her 🙂

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