Camp Nanowrimo

(I bet you already know how I’m going to start this post.) MY PLAN WAS…

So my plan was to finish the last 5,000 or so words for Past Life and work on the line and copy edits while I write the sequel and have a shiny, slimy first draft done by the end of April.

I DID get Past Life finished and I have plenty of time to go through my manuscript with a fine-toothed comb and work out all the kinks and unnecessary tangles before I need to upload the final manuscript to Amazon and meet my pre-order deadline. That is going well.

The rest of it, not so much.

Firstly, and I bet this is another excuse y’all hear all the time: work got in the way. I have a day job. I am a phlebotomist. Sometimes I work overtime. This week has been one of those weeks. I haven’t even been able to go to the gym and walk my 30 minute slow walk on the treadmill (I don’t go to the gym to work out) and my 10 minutes in the massage chair. My body hurts and I’m tired, I struggled with a stupid depression flare up Sunday-Tuesday which killed my day off and nothing got clean so I have a shitty attitude and a shitty apartment right now. But things are getting better. I’m feeling better and I have a three day weekend coming up so I can use a lot of that time to catch up with my word count and clean the bathroom and the kitchen!

Secondly, my plan was to immediately jump into the rest of the story, because Past Life ends on a cliff hanger, and start writing The Morning Star. Well, I’ve been working on a paranormal werewolf story with Mr. J. for a long time now. It started when we first started dating and he took me through a World of Darkness campaign he was working on (interpret that however you want) and I resurrected a character I made up WAY back in the day when Vampire the Masquerade was a thing. She felt kinda weird at first being a werewolf and not a vampire but she settled in to the story quite nicely. We worked through that campaign for almost a year before Mr. J. said Regina fucked up his storyline and she went off in too many different directions and he couldn’t sew all the pieces back together coherently. We decided we either needed to stop or start over. I’m not going to lie, I was devastated. My character was having a great time, I was having a great time, I did not want it to be over. We tried resurrecting that campaign many times using different characters and alternate plot lines, like watching the alternate ending on a movie. But it wasn’t the same and I missed the old story. Eventually, we gave up trying to “fix” it and just called it quits. I went a few months with a Regina shaped hole in my heart before I decided to say: fuck it! I’m gonna keep going! The main challenge I face with this project is taking my characters and the basic plot while NOT using any of White Wolf’s copyrighted material and intellectual property. This means a whole lot of world building. But I have that well in hand.

So I started writing Book 1 of The Slaughter Chronicles back in August 2017. I wrote the bulk of the prologue, over 8,000 words in one sitting because I was so excited and determined to make this thing a thing. Mr. J. was supportive and continues to let me know when I’m writing something completely stupid or not. In October 2017 I got a job as a phlebotomist and keeping up with my sanity and my work schedule was too stressful for me to participate in November’s NaNoWriMo. But as the months passed and the job got a little more manageable, I was able to pick it back up again.

In January this year my computer died and I lost the 30,000 words of progress I made on the story. To my horror or my relief, take your pick, the only backup file I had access to was an old version of the manuscript that just had the prologue and chapter one. Now I realize it was for the best and I would have ended up cutting out 6 chapters anyway but at the time that loss shocked me down to the dregs of my soul. I didn’t write for 2 weeks. I was completely, utterly crushed.

But I got better. And now I’m using Camp Nanowrimo to start Book 1 up again. I’m keeping the prologue but I’m cutting everything else out and starting over. I love starting over when starting over feels right. Because I love this story and I want to give you something you will love too. It’s going to be awesome, it’s going to be perfect. I’m super excited about it.

But even though I’m super excited I still fell behind and haven’t written anything in the last 3 days. Trying to work on that.

So how’s camp going for you? Sending you all the love in the world!

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