Past Life: Cover Reveal and Publication Date

How would you like to live debt free?

Echo L—is up to her eyeballs in unpaid bills and, as a daughter of political activists caught on the wrong side of history, can’t get a job or government assistance. She’s willing to pay any price, even her life is fair game and that’s exactly what CryoCredit wants. CryoCredit can answer all of your financial prayers, for a price. 75 years in a deep freeze sleep cycle will pay off all of Echo’s debt. CryoCredit promises that when she wakes up, all the resources she would have used when she was asleep will pay off everything she owes. What they don’t promise is a world for her to wake up to.

While Echo slept a vicious plague swept across the world, it decimated continents and turned humans into ravenous, rage filled monsters. Some of the survivors strive for hope and improving humanity. Others want nothing more than to return to the oppressive world Echo abandoned for a clean financial slate.

When she is found by the citizens of a peaceful settlement in the ruins of her home town, Echo must choose whether or not to fight along side them for a better future or side with those who want to return to the past.

How far would you go to save the world?

The citizens of Ashur are survivors. Their founders survived The Blight and created a sustainable paradise amidst their warmongering neighbors. When a scouting party finds a Past Life, someone from the old world preserved in time by technology that no longer exists, some are suspicious, some are skeptical, and most hold little trust in the sins of the past. But Ashur didn’t survive this long by abandoning what might be useful.

When the Administrative Body of Ashur give Echo a home, she must agree to certain conditions. Firstly, become a productive member of the settlement by integrating completely into their society. This means participating in the Coupling Ritual, a ceremony that joins all able bodied citizens into reproductive union for the sake of humanity’s continued survival. The last thing Echo wants to do is die in the wasteland. The second to last thing she wants to do is get married.

What Echo does want is a purpose. In the old world she was worse than a rebel without a cause, she was a passive resister, fueled by fear after her father was killed by police at a political protest and daunted by the godlike fortitude of her mother’s quest for social justice, until she was also killed. When Echo discovers a plot to destroy all the good Ashur stands for, Echo must choose to finally fight for what she believes in or roll over and let all the evils of humanity consume her.

Past Life is my first ever, full length novella. My debut dystopian sci-fi novella and the first book in The Blighted Trilogy (probably, series name subject to change).

I started working on Past Life way back in 2013 when I was part of a writing community called Brigit’s Flame. I never found much time to participate every week but in January, I found myself drawn into the story that came out from the New Year’s Eve writing prompt. I wrote four 1000+ word vignettes set in an apocalyptic future from the perspective of a reluctant time traveler.

Back in October 2017 I started a new job and the first few weeks months were very stressful. Most days I would come home crying and dread waking up in the morning (things are much better now). On a particularly dreary morning, I was up at 5 a.m. to start the early shift and I had a few extra minutes before I really had to leave. Instead of moping or dancing the brain dance of stress, I decided to free write. And that’s how Chapter 3 was born. I didn’t know it was Chapter 3 at the time but it was there. The characters I thought I had set free to fly away into the void of my mind folds came back and said: bitch, you need to chill the fuck out and write. Seriously, that’s what Echo said. So I did. And now, you can read what I wrote on…


Yes! I am self-publishing this beauty on Smashwords FOR FREE 🙂 You do have the option to pay whatever you want, if you want to give me 0.99 for it I will say THANK YOU VERY MUCH but you can have it FOR FREE an I will also say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING IT 🙂

Click here to pre-order 🙂 and if it’s after May 1 when you read this, click here to get your free copy 🙂

So, without further ceremony: THE COVER REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased this cover from It’s a site that has thousands of pre-made covers for every genre and budget a writer could want. I think I payed around $25 for it and the designer sent me the finished product within 24 hours. I had the cover made long before I finished writing Past Life and looking at this gorgeous beauty helped keep me going when writer’s block and self-doubt tried to tear me down.

Check out betibup33’s portfolio here 🙂

Ready for your Sleep Cycle? Coming soon to a CryoCredit near YOU!